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NEEV is a traveling theatre company, set up in 2006. NEEV has produced Mahesh Elkunchwar's "Party", directed by Udita Chakraborty that was staged in India in 2007 and the UK in 2008. In 2010, NEEV produced and staged an adaptation of Daio Fo's "Can't Pay, Won't Pay" under Chakraborty's direction, and in 2011 GB Shaw's "Pygmalion" directed by Ashoke Viswanathan. NEEV has directed musicals for several reputed schools and colleges of Kolkata.

On one hand we work with reputed actors like Ashoke Viswanathan, Renu Roy, whilst on the other NEEV believes in providing a platform to aspiring, talented individuals with a fire to express themselves.

NEEV Life through Theatre™ is our initiative to combine our expertise in theatre, corporate life to design corporate training modules.

  • Why Theatre? –Because theatre is...
  • Entertaining, enjoyable and informative- that's why we use it as our main tool for training and development.
  • Theatre can be effectively used to learn Conflict Management, Negotiation skills, Customer Relationship Management, Presentation Skills & enhance Communication skills.
  • Flexible- that's why we use it to develop custom built programmes for our clients.
  • Because, theatre is Cathartic!

NEEV's clientele range from schools, Business Schools to the Corporate Houses. NEEV has introduced transformational learning through theatre in schools, training students in areas of expression, communication, public speaking, lateral thinking and 360 degree personality development. Our methods are being widely used in the Business schools, where Management subjects are being taught through theatre, including grooming students for the corporate life (Campus-Corporate Grooming).

Corporate houses have started understanding the effectiveness of theatre-based training interventions. From functional training like Sales & Marketing, Telephone Techniques, Front Office Management, to senior management training in the field of Leadership, Strategy, Team Building, Competency Training, Performance Management, NEEV Life through Theatre™ methods are being adopted.

Our drama-based methods are being used for drama therapy (psychodrama) in the psychology clinics.

Theatre can be fun and useful for all age groups. NEEV has conducted workshops for Teachers' Training, Train the Trainers and even Parenting Workshops.

We use our expertise in theatre in the lives of people- students and corporate professionals, using drama-based methods as an alternative learning tool. Our clients call this the NEEV Life through Theatre™ experience!

"Theatre is the capacity possessed by human beings – and not by animals – to observe themselves in action. Humans are capable of seeing themselves in the act of seeing, of thinking their emotions, of being moved by their thoughts. They can see themselves here and imagine themselves there; they can see themselves today and imagine themselves tomorrow. This is why humans are able to identify (themselves and others) and not merely to recognise."- Augusto Boal

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