The Story Sameer, a banker worked hard and his career soared high in no time. His bank balance swelled and so did his pride. He started spending more time at work; he stopped taking holidays ("I will retire very early in life and will rest enough then," he would say); he started putting on weight in the wrong places, developed gastric problems, back ache and would pant for his breath when he ascended the stairs (so he took to lift!). One day he passed out in his seat. He was rushed to a medical center. He never got up. He had cardiac arrest. He was 33. He had high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure of which he didn't know.

This person's life when tracked back showed why he pushed himself beyond his physical capacity, why work became priority rather than his own happiness, why relationships took a back seat, what he was proving to whom and what was it that he was compensating for. The root cause was - he felt inadequate about himself because his brother was more enterprising than him and got all the attention.

This is not one odd case. You might be surprised to know that people start accumulating stress at an age as early as 5 years. Over period of time, the emotional stress gets accumulated in various parts of the body and leads to breakdown of entire life system. If this can be prevented, then the cost of prevention could be life itself; the effort required to prevent could be just a fraction compared to the effort required otherwise. The deeper you go to understand the root cause and prevent it, the long lasting and permanent the effects are.

We for the sake of Earning a Living, forget to LIVE! Success need not mean neglecting your needs!

  • Learn to Nurture: Self, Family, Friends and Colleagues
  • Track and Manage your time
  • Be Assertive
  • Leave work at work
  • Increase performance and individual growth
  • Align motivation with work and personal goals
  • Instill a culture based on trust, partnerships and respect
  • Ensure long-term productivity
  • Greater Focus, Sharper Recall
  • Emotional Empowerment

Who should attend CEO's, Directors, GMs, Project Heads, L&D Personnel, Team Leaders, Middle to Senior level Leaders and Managers irrespective of job functions.

Also school Principal, Teachers who deal with high-level stress.

Professionals from all walk of life must try our Mediation & Wellbeing Sessions.

We conduct these in our centres; we also conduct these sessions at clients' venue.

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