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"All the world's a stage; And all men and women merely players" William Shakespeare

Whenever I perform on stage, one thing that dawns upon me is that a dramatic action is not merely confined to the stage. Drama can enhance and develop various aspects of our intelligence, especially one's ability to "read others and see things from their point of view."

Theatre requires the actors to learn lines, say dialogues at the right time (be alert, be responsive and listen actively). Theatre requires presence of mind- on the stage so many things can go wrong; there are no cuts, no re-takes. Just One shot!

Thus NEEV aims to democratize theatre- bring it out of the proscenium into the class rooms, board rooms, seminar halls, conference rooms, for theatre has an overarching implication on life.

"Let us be democratic and ask our audiences to tell us their desires, and let us show them alternatives. Let us hope that one day – please, not too far in the future – we'll be able to convince or force our governments, our leaders, to do the same; to ask their audiences – us – what they should do, so as to make this world a place to live and be happy in – yes, it is possible – rather than just a vast market in which we sell our goods and our souls. Let's hope. Let's work for it!"

- Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed.

Corporate Training

Theatre enables us to observe ourselves and by so doing to "discover what is not and imagine what we could become" – Augusto Boal

Any Stage production enthralls and inspires audience (Customers). The cast & crew (Employees) go the extra-mile to put an outstanding performance (meet Goals/Targets). We use various drama-based tools, like Stop-Start Theatre, Scenarios, Improvisations, for Management training.


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