Parenting Workshop

Each child develops as an individual. Ask yourself, are you expecting too much or too little? Your child's behavior "problem" may be just one of his/her important and normal developmental tasks.

Deciding to spare the rod?

Imagine if someone with authority said to you that you could not use corporal punishment to discipline your children. Stop and think…how would you handle it? Would it cause dramatic changes in the way you discipline your kids? Would you go into a panic? Would you give up disciplining all together?

Parenting a stress?

Parents of all age groups can come to our workshops to find out answers to their issues and learn to deal with them. Our Protagonist-Antagonist methods have been widely accepted and pratcised by parents in dealing with their children. The results have been magical.

Our panel of psychologists, who are present on the spot give counsel you and your ward so that parenting becomes a joy! Psychology clinics have taken help our expertise in using theatre-based parenting.

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