Theatre Workshop

"Every one is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

NEEV conducts theatre workshops for children, adults and even professionals from any walk of life. These are production oriented theatre workshops. We bring bring in by renowned theatre personalities like Ashoke Viswanthan and specialists with domain knowledge in lights, sets, professional make-up, music, costumes.

The workshop covers all the aspects of Acting such as Speech, Diction, Voice Training, Body Language, Play Reading Improvisation, Imagination and Lateral Thinking.

Participants also learn Script Writing, Direction, Production Controlling, Stage Management, Professional Make-up and techniques of Stage Craft.

Participants learn about various forms of performing arts like Mime, Puppetry, Nukkad-Natak (street theatre), Creative Choreography.
These workshops are aimed at developing the latent talent in people and waking them up to know their real capabilities. Imagine by learning manage a theatre production, you can actually learn how to manage your business or office.

Using internationally accepted and tested techniques like Dialogic, interactive theatre, Method Acting, Forum theatre, Drama for Conflict Transformation, De-egoisation, Physical acting, Brechtian Theory of Alienation, Third Theatre and Psychodrama.

Participants learn to appreciate world theatre; get to see the works of renowned theatre artistes all over the world and thus get a wider exposure. They also get to learn about the evolution of theatre and its various forms as practiced in different countries.

Personal one-one coaching & mentoring also provided.

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